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anxiety can look like...

isolating yourself, not replying to texts

procrastinating and struggling with initiating tasks or focusing

excessive perfectionism and overthinking

overcommitting yourself, because you don't want to disappoint

avoiding certain things because you're scared of getting anxious

physical symptoms: headaches, pains, muscle  tension and GI issues


depression may manifest as...

  • heightened irritability and directed anger, either towards oneself or others

  • a scene of scattered clothes, unwashed dishes and cluttered trash at home

  • profound numbness and a pervasive sense of emptiness

  • appearing cheerful while concealing inner struggles behind a public mask

  • brain fog & struggling with memory and concentration

  • fluctuations in appetite , either an increase or decrease 

OCD can look like...

compulsively praying, meditating or thinking positive thoughts to neutralize' bad thoughts'

feeling like something awful will happen if you don't do a ritual

trying to figure out if something happened exactly the way   you remember

constantly asking for reassurance

fearing that you'll 'snap' and harm yourself or others

constantly checking for signs of physical or mental illness or disorder

"Why anyone would require a therapy?"

Life being an amalgam of tiny moments of joys and challenges becomes a dilemma when our mind gets burdened by negativity. Here is when a therapist comes to an exigent rescue. We often tend to hold on to our negatives which uninvited lay a very deep impression, perturbing our peaceful present.

Some points to ponder that come as early signs of one being in need of therapy include recurring thoughts as

“I am the cause of all problems/ I am the problem.”

One has realization of life going haywire somewhere yet can’t identify the core problem and feels helpless. 

"I am fearful/ I dread future/ Something too bad is awaiting me."

One feels internal fear of the unknown and is not able to articulate the rationale behind such thoughts.

“I can’t sync with the world. I feel alienated.”

A feeling of gloom, emptiness and a distinct self-consuming void engulfs one. Life becomes stagnant for the person while he/ she witnesses the fast pace of surrounding world unable to cope.

"Why can’t I move on/I want to overcome this pain; it hurts but I feel helpless.”

​One tries to run away from painful feelings by staying busy and involved in work deliberately but to no avail.

"I am not good enough for anything."

One thought begins to dominate the entire existence of the person. He/ she gets filled with sense of being unworthy and thereby fail to analyze the true potential by being caught in the traumatic turmoil of negativity.

Thus, with all these symptoms, whether apparently individual or in fusion with the rest, life truly becomes an ordeal for the one who desires help. At this threshold, it becomes our primal obligation to both self and our loved ones to seek immediate therapeutic attention. It is then that I step into recreating lives and rekindling the light of hope.

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