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Our Clients Say

" Just one session with Princee helped me regain my health and boost self-confidence"

Imbalance in her mind over past unresolved issues caused stress in her current life. After one session, she reported immediate relief as if the problem never existed.

Mrs. XXX , Homemaker

Mrs. Vandana , New Delhi

With some sessions of therapy she discovered how the unaddressed burden of torment, control and humiliation from her initial years of marriage had impacted her health leading to menopausal symptoms and distress.

Ms. Rita , Bhopal

She realized she had unwittingly assumed her mother's role after her passing away. She began caring for her siblings as if they were her own children, and her dressing and behavior underwent noticeable changes.

Ms. Rima (Name Changed)

Parents separation in childhood had caused a lot of grief to young Rima, which she was unable to bear and let go off...
In session while venting, she realized how she was unknowingly doing the same in her current relationships...This pattern of abandonment she felt as a child was continuing as an adult...
I found myself being over occupied with negative emotions like anger, disgust , self-remorse and depression resulting in low self-confidence. Princee led me into a subconscious state of mind, and with closed eyes, I began to discern the connection to my unhappiness. One by one, she made me recall all the past incidents, which I thought, I had long forgotten and we addressed each issue."

Ms. Kavita , Mumbai

"Princee's positive vibes and profound understanding of my situation created a safe and supportive space, making the therapeutic process incredibly valuable. Her expertise and professionalism truly made a significant impact on my journey towards regaining confidence and resolving core issues from my past.' 

Ms. Anisha Rathore , Los Angeles

Ms. Anisha Rathore , Los Angeles

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