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Princee Singh

Princee Singh 

With years of personalized healing sessions since 2004, I have been transforming and enriching lives of women and children. As a Certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist and Reiki Grandmaster, I combine the extensive knowledge of the subconscious mind and the universal reiki healing to impart well being and optimism.

I use a multidimensional approach in both online and offline modes to promote abundance of serenity and happiness.

Every ailment is a manifestation of thoughts and energies which are deep rooted in our subconscious mind thus perturbing our peaceful present. I extend exclusive regression sessions to address and heal sub conscious beliefs, feelings and behaviors affecting current life. 

So, here I am providing you a firm hand holding, offering my understanding and expertise for chiseling the best version of yourself.



Why Therapy?

Are you being simultaneously restless and too exhausted to do anything?

Are you worrying about the future and feeling hopeless at the same time?

Are you isolating yourself from others because socializing is too overwhelming but feeling deeply lonely because of it?

Are you oscillating between not caring at all and panic?

Do you have no energy to address the things you're anxious about?

Have you ever experienced both anxiety & depression at the same time?


Now, the striking question is ‘What anxiety and depression can look like?"


Contact Me

I extend my online and offline individualized sessions to address and heal sub conscious beliefs, feelings, behaviour that are affecting your current life situations adversely. 


Come create renewed zeal for social, physical, emotional, mental and intellectual healing, to catalyze both inner and outer growth with my sessions.

New Delhi


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